Well stocked libraries with a rich collection of journals, encyclopedias and select books encourage students to ‘get carried away by a good book.’ This treasure trove of knowledge equips them with the power of information to widen their horizons, provides them with a place to think, learn and share ideas.


  • Students are expected to make proper use of the Library.
  • Absolute silence is to be maintained in the library.
  • Every Student should read a minimum of 6 English Books and 6 Hindi books and the prescribed magazines. One page summary of each book read must be shown to the language teachers. The name and other details of the books read should be entered in the appropriate pages given in this diary.
  • A student can borrow only one book at a time. Periodicals and reference books are not issued. Every student is allowed to consult any reference book during the school hours.
  • Books are issued to the students during the library periods mentioned in the time table. No book is issued or returned during the teaching hours.
  • A student may ordinarily have a copy of a book for a week and the issue may be renewed further for the same period.
  • The librarian may call for a book at any time even if the normal period of loan has not expired.
  • If the date of issue or return of books happens to be a holiday, it stands postponed to the corresponding working day the following week.
  • If a book is not returned at the expiry of the period of loan or after the librarian has called for it even within the period of loan, a fine of Rs. 5/- per day of delay will be charged. Fines shall be collected by the librarian and the fact notified in the defaulter's card. Until such a fine is collected from the defaulter no book shall be issued to him/her.
  • Absence is no excuse for the delay in return of the book after the expiry of the period of loan.
  • In case a book is misused, torn, damaged, defaced or lost, the person concerned will have to pay the full price of the book.
  • Physical defects of a book if any, must be brought to the notice of the librarian by the student borrowing it at the time of issue. Otherwise the student borrowing will be held responsible for it.
  • The borrower’s card is not transferable and the exchange of books among the students is strictly forbidden.
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