School Emblem

The Emblem of the School gives it a visual identity. It highlights the vision and represents the principles and values the School stands for. The core figures are set within the inner circle while the space between the two circles has the name of the school inscribed.

The Cross symbolizes the love, sacrifice and victory of Jesus Christ who came to this world to redeem humanity and whose values the School upholds while seeking His benevolence on everyone who enters the portal of our Institution.

'M' stands for the Blessed Virgin Mary who is the Heavenly Patroness of our School. Inspired by her faith, simplicity and devotion the Marian family strives for integrity and excellence.

The lamp with the burning flame beckons all Marians to be in pursuit of true wisdom and knowledge and to radiate the divine light of God to the world around.

The inner circle represents the marian bonding and the inner aspiration for self realisation and wholeness.

The outer Circle denotes completeness, the integral growth of the Marians, armed to embark on the untrodden path.

The blue band bearing the motto of the school acts as a fastener for reinforcement of a range of values.

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