Our Founder


The Religious Congregation of the ‘Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Graces’ was founded in 1965 by Archbishop Joseph B. Evangelisti, OFM. Cap, who was a zealous Italian Franciscan Missionary who came to India in 1936. A man of vision and apostolic zeal, Archbishop Evangelisti desired to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus to all the people around. He founded the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Graces to have collaborators in the works of evangelization, education, medical care and social upliftment. The aim of the Congregation is to make God known and loved through the holiness of life, reflected by communion with God and with one another and through the apostolic works. ‘Our Lady of Graces’ is the heavenly Patroness of the Congregation. Like her our call is primarily to belong to God through a life of love and service.

The Sisters of our Congregation serve in different parts of India and Europe involving in various kinds of service responding to the needs of the time.

Archbishop Evangelisti stressed on the importance of education to the youth as a powerful means of service to society. St. Mary’s Convent School strives incessantly to keep alive the spirit of our Founder and seeks to be a leaven in the society endeavouring to transform it into a world where peace, justice and truth prevail.

“Our apostolate of education, which is a powerful means of service in the Church and for the society, enables us to share in the teaching ministry of Christ. Christ must be at the center of all our educational ventures, be they formal or non-formal, in cities or villages. While imparting literary, cultural and scientific knowledge to our students, great care shall be taken to instill in them the gospel values of brotherhood, justice and peace. Thus our students, helped to become responsible and committed citizens, can contribute to the transformation of the world in Christ.” (Constitutions of the Congregation).


On Laziness:

“Beware of laziness, the mind of people who yield to laziness easily becomes the devil’s workshop. See that you are always busy about something good.”

On Choice:

“Behave like honey bees; take the best of everything, and leave the rest.”

On Manual Work:

“Don’t shirk hard work, as the bird is born to fly, so man is born to work.”

On Corrections:

“Receive corrections with gratitude; a correction given at the right time and well accepted may save one from going the wrong way.”

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